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The Filmic - summary of related posts

The key learning points from this territory of practice were :

Documenta 13 was an inspiring trip from the Filmic point of view - highlights were Willie Doherty's Secretion film, gradually revealing the Nazi history of Kassel and its surroundings - I liked the use of an oblique narrative combined with high definition filming that eventually revealed the horror of the Holocaust.
Mika Taanila's film installation, The most electrified town in Finland, showed me a possible way forward on how to capture large scale installation without the logistic problems of moving bulky and large items into and out of gallery spaces.
Janet Cardiff and George Bures-Miller's interactive piece in the railway station, combined my love of the psycho geographical with a clever and inclusive use of new technology.

I have continued to visit London galleries and document my response to the work seen.

I have pushed myself to try new filming methods - here Super 8 film which was then sent off for developing and digitalisation to allow further manipulation.

Saw a brilliant photography exhibition in Antwerp, looking at new ways of capturing filmic images ie through CCTV, searching the web for similar images, film from internet cafe computers etc.

The Theaster Gates talk at White Cube was reassuring in that he admitted that he was still trying to resolve what his practice was.

Have recorded the gradual demolition of nearby River Walk House and made the images into a short film.

Christian Marclay's live improvised performance of Everyday was an interesting experiment in using clips of film to generate new music.

Visiting the Moriyama/Klein exhibition at the Tate led me to re-enact a Moriyama's visit to New York and recorded the walk through an essay and photo book.

Chose a number of clips for discussion in the tutorial - ended up looking at Helen and the impact of filming a re-enactment of a murder/ disappearance using amateur actors

The Liverpool Biennial trip was inspiring  - highlights were Doug Aitken's film installation looking at the creative process and John Akomfrah's documentary style film about Stuart Hall's film and photo archive - another example of making work out of personal archives alongside Elizabeth Price, Christian Marclay and Theaster Gates

Alongside the Territory of Practice tutorials and workshops, I attended an experimental film workshop and made a short film.

Excellent exhibition by Steve Wallington, documenting his discovery of an old boxing club in Notting Hill and delving into its history and role in the local community.

Latest tour of galleries in the West End

Experimental film 2

New technology combined with the British love of rain.

My seven minute film, Movement, 2013

I has some excellent tutor feedback on this and went away to make 3 shorter films from the same video and film archive

See evaluation form for summary of what I got from this Territory of Practice and how it has influenced my work.

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Demolition man film

Time lapse film of the demolition of River Walk House in Pimlico, home to now defunct quango, Government for London - music by Grace Jones.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

One Second Movement

Mainly using 1 second cuts of film - total duration 1 min 17 secs

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Disorientated Movement

Even shorter and more disorientating version of Movement - 1 min 20

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Compressed Movement

Compressed version of Movement - 2 min 22 sec

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