Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Olympic Studios - Artist in Residence

Roger Miles - Artist-in-Residence @ The Olympic Studios
1 September to 23 December 2015

Olympic Studios Residency

The initial work will be to document the archive of the Olympic Sound Studios and to complete the acquisition and researching of its vinyl record collection.
Whilst the attraction of a residency is to expect the unexpected, the artists plans to start the residency with the following projects:
Complete the vinyl collection and propose ideas for presentation.
Document all objects and materials still owned by the Studios related to its music recording history.
Consider what art could be made from the above.
Plan some Resonate/Generate events in the members’ club and music room.
Consider how to support any forthcoming music film showings.
Plan a Barnes Christmas shopping evening pop up event for Resonate/Generate.
Research and develop an interview programme with people who worked in the old music studios i.e. engineers, producers, musicians, photographers, album cover designers, etc.
Research and contact local residents and capture their stories of encounters with musicians recording at the Olympic.

The Artist

Roger Miles is a practicing artist, having recently completed a BA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts. His work is mainly in sculpture, printmaking, photography and installation art. He is interested in the effects of decay and ageing and the history of found objects. 

He worked for 32 years as a chartered accountant, for Deloitte, and was a senior partner for 20 years. In 2009, he hung up his abacus and went to Chelsea College of Arts, being awarded a BA in Fine Art with 1st class honours.

Art Practice

His final degree show installation, Resonate/Generate, at College in June 2014, was a pop-up record store – an immersive experience that focused on the interaction between visitor and artist. The installation recreated a ‘70s record store in a mobile library, with most of the contents coming from his previous art residency at a recycling centre. He is interested in collections and in memorialising objects and their histories. 
He has since taken this installation on tour, firstly in a Selfridges window, as part of the Bright Old Things show, for the first 3 months of 2015, 

then in Gallery Different in Fitzrovia, London for April and May 2015 

and, most recently, for one day only, outside the Olympic Studios in Barnes, London.

Previous Residency experience - Refuse to Re-Use 

He was Artist in Residence for 7 weeks over the summer of 2013 at Richmond-upon-Thames’ Recycling and Re-Use Centre. He focused on collecting, memorialising, petrifying, cannibalising and recording and on gathering peoples’ stories about their objects.
He made and exhibited cyanotype prints from the objects found, as a way of capturing shape and form. Subsequently, he made and exhibited wax, bronze and iron casts of found vinyl records, abacus and reel-to-reel tape recorder parts. Finally, he gave lectures on the residency - the film that accompanies this talk is included on his website.

Artist in Residence at a mannequin factory, proportion>london

He spent 2 months in March and April 2015 as artist in residence whilst the Blackhorse Road factory was emptied as part of a move to new premises. He had been looking for a site where he could be based for up to 10 weeks and one where there would be used objects that were being stored or disposed of. The proportion>london factory was an ideal location for this project. He also recorded and documented the closure of the site, at the end of April 2015.

Roger Miles - Blog http://jogroglog.blogspot.co.uk/
Website http://www.rogermilesartist.com\ 
Mobile  - 07770 310879