Monday, 30 January 2012

Morning run

When marketing gets it wrong ...

 Ringed necked parakeet heaven

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Friday, 27 January 2012

End of week art school round up

Gathered some new found objects and started making pieces in my studio space. Am enjoying it being full again - didn't like working in an empty space. Thanks to Sarah for loan of the old window frame.

Tried stuffing the black house full of radiator reflector paper and adding the strict librarian.

Am particularly pleased with the rowing boat seat that I found on one of my runs this week - works well attached to two skateboard ramp steel poles.

Still trying to find a use for this old food processor - looks good hanging against a white wall - will make a shelf for it and add some organic material to the whisks.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

IMMORTAL NATURE, Gordon Cheung, Robin Friend, Richard Mosse and Nicolai Howalt.

Very sunny on way to college this morning - caught this image by the bridge.

 For our artist talk this week, Gordon Cheung was the speaker and has also just curated a new show in Victoria, called Immortal Nature, at the Edel Assanti space in Vauxhall Bridge Road.
His talk had been about his work and showed that over the last 10 years, he had developed a unique painterly handwriting, without actually painting with a brush, and with a central use of the FT stock market prices. His works responds to the traumas and disasters over the last 10 years and there have been many to respond to.
Below are just 4 of the 10 artists in the show - well worth a visit.

This panel on the gallery wall, opposite Gordon's painting, could have been a blank canvas but turned out to be a fuse box cover.

Gordon Cheung's only piece in the show Ashes to Ashes , 2012- subtle use of the stock market prices from the FT making up the mountain ranges - also note his use of Scooby Doo ghosts, as a reference to modern bogey men.

I was really taken with the two photos by Richard Mosse,  

beautiful images masking the horror of this moden war and the link back to the Vietnam war.

He has taken shots of the Congo landscape which is in the middle of a savage civil war and filmed using infrared film developed for the Vietnam war to detect camouflage and to reveal part of the spectrum of light the human eye cannot see. First two shots are from the show and the others from his website.

Also liked the car crash studies by Nicolai Howalt - they become something other than a study of the damaged bodywork of our most important modern status symbol.

On the way home, I saw this disused Network Rail notice board glinting in the late afternoon sun.