Sunday, 7 March 2010

I don't want to go to Delphi

Still not running on Sundays due to a thumb injury in the ranks so we took ourselves to a real ale pub on friday night to put the world to rights.

Discussion inevitably turned to various holidays shared and, in particular, one touring Greece as students with no money and very little clue - for some reason we had thought it a great idea to do our hiking and youth hosteling trip in August when Greece is at its hottest - highlights included severe sun stroke, getting caught short on top of the Acropolis, on the Olympic running track and in The Temple of Apollo, being woken up early in the Lord Byron youth hostel by the manager playing "Que Sera Sera" on his accordion, badly, and having to suffer terrible Greek food wherever we went.

A memorable day should have been our tour around the ancient ruins of Delphi, but my abiding memory is the Elvis Costello hit of the time - "I don't want to go to Chelsea" , adapted to refer to Delphi.

Anyway here is the video for you to sing along to ...

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