Thursday, 13 October 2011

Frieze framed 2 - Painting

These are the paintings that I wanted to know more about and which could easily influence my own work.

Victoria Morton - Tuned for sport 2011.
I like the structure within the chaos - perhaps that is what she feels about the grace in sport sometimes found amongst all of the speed and energy of the competitors.

Joe Bradley - Horse thief 2011.

Neil Gall - Divisibility ( Indefinite) 2011
Initially appear to be a photographic image, that has been damaged in some way. It is actually oil on linen, painted with real skill and control.

Luc Tuymans

Nina Beier - Portrait mode
Made out of found garments this is surprisingly effective.

Gerhard Richter - Line painting plus random model
Apparently he finished this just 2 weeks ago and we were just pipped at the post as it sold yesterday for £1.5m.

Tatiana Trouve - Untitled
One of a series combined with some pieces of related sculpture.

Mark Bradford - Untitled
Mixed media on collage - The texture and finish of this painting is close to where I want to go with my current project on traces we leave in our lives.

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