Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Refuse to Re-Use - Portable typewriter, Portable typewriter ...

Garden dog on smashed glass

Old illuminated sign frame - could be very useful ...

Owner brought in this boat full of Tv's, Printers etc  - lots of excitement that he may be dumping the boat but he was just using it as a trailer.

Perfect Hermes Baby portable typewriter to add to my collection.

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  1. Hi Just found your blog via The Women's Room - I love the sound of your 'artist in residence at the dump' work. I can never visit the dump without looking about at the amazing stuff there. I live in Richmond and would be keen to see your exhibition/finished work at the end of the project. We live opposite a park in Richmond and I have been following the progress of a mini trampoline that has been dumped there. It has moved all over the park and been used by lots of different people - I thought it would have made an excellent photography project! Good luck, have fun!
    PS how fab to find a typewriter, I keep looking for one on ebay!