Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Refuse to Re-Use - Kempton, where the good stuff goes

The dealers on the site, known as Totters, collect anything of value that the council doesn't take and then sell them at antique fairs such as Kempton Park.
I was interested to see how items left for landfill and of no apparent value to the owner, could recommence their journey and up value.
It was an usually misty start...

£150 for this Greenpeace poster

Man and his frame

Nick with his lamp stands


  1. Were you selling then? How exciting! If you didn't sell that glass jar and Amanda doesn't bag it save it for me...

  2. Belinda
    I actually went and bought something from the totters who work on the site and then sell at fairs like Kempton - had seen them pick it out of the rubbish the day before.
    The glass jar is firmly in Amanda's grasp ...