Friday, 26 December 2014

Selfridges - Bright Old Things 2015, Background information

BRIGHT OLD THINGS is Selfridges’ twist on its annual initiative, Bright Young Things, which hand-picks, nurtures and showcases some of the UK’s most exciting rising stars from the worlds of fashion, art, design and food. To hell with retirement age, this year you can
become a Bright Old Thing.
Over 330,000 over 65s in Britain are self-employed or have their own post-retirement
start-up business. Whilst the state pension can officially be drawn at 61, the oldest person
in the world lived to 122 – so yes, that is essentially a second working life for us all to
look forward to.
What will we do with this new breath of life AND our aging population? Statistics state that we are happiest at 85 (steadily rising after 50+). ‘Late bloomers’ or ‘ageing entrepreneurs’ have been written about extensively in both the New Yorker and Forbes. Is this an exciting alternative to retirement?
Not only that, but the fastest growing consumer group are the over 50s… So no more
grannies knitting, no more feeling sorry for the elderly - it’s time to start getting old properly.

It’s time to own the new generation of creative talent: the Bright Old Things

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