Saturday, 10 October 2015

Queen - A Night at the Odeon

I attended a special preview at the Olympic Cinema of a new fim , Queen - a Night at the Odeon - it is a remastered, turbo-charged film of the Xmas Eve 1975 concert at the Hammersmith Odeon - last date of their Night at the Opera uk tour. It was screened live by the Old Grey Whistle Test on BBC2 and the groundbreaking Bohemian Rhapsody video was shown at the same time on BBC1- it went straight to no 1.

Weirdly, I was there in 1975 but being Xmas Eve, we had to leave before the encore, so it was great to see the encore all these years later  - I know bands like to keep you waiting for the encore but 40 years is pushing it. 

Also because everything connects - that Xmas I was working in the Selfridges bedspread dept  - again 40 years later I was back at Selfridges designing a window as part of its Bright Old Things art project...

My favourite song was Brighton Rock, with some fantastic guitar from Brian May - who was also at the screening, 

as was a famous rock photographer, Denis O'Regan

 turns out he was there the previous night and having smuggled his uncle's camera in made his first sale of a rock photograph - £12 to Jackie Magazine  -- everything connects ....

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