Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Forthcoming Residency - Elsewhere in Greensboro, North Carolina

"Welcome to Elsewhere. We are a living museum in an old thrift store housing one-woman’s 58-year inventory. We are part museum, studio, school, playground, meeting ground, theater, project space, and laboratory for creative ideas.When you go Elsewhere, you enter the middle of an ongoing experiment of people, places, and things. We are constantly building, playing, trying, changing, inventing, and exploring new environments. Our artists, scholars, and creatives in-residence are excavating the past to design new futures. When you come to Elsewhere, you become part of this evolution."

From 10 August to 7 September 2016, I will be one of 5 artists in residence at Elsewhere, a 60 year old former thrift store which is now a living museum in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Elsewhere invites creatives working across media, fields, disciplines, and administrations to create projects that activate Elsewhere’s ‘living’ museum. Residents live and work within the space for 2-4 weeks creating site-specific, responsive work that explores the museum environment, surplus inventories, cultural histories, social systems, neighborhood communities, and past artworks.
More info about Elsewhere can be found at


Communal kitchen

And info on my fellow residents at 


I will be blogging and Instagramming daily 

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