Monday, 2 February 2015

Selfridges - Bright Old Things 2015, Cyanotype prints for sale

The inventor of cyanotype printing, Sir John Herschel, used the process to make notes and diagrams, as in blueprints.

These 15 " square designs are for back of the window - I have produced over 100 prints , based on 1970s record covers and gadget heads - these 5 originals will be for sale from the artist, framed.


Other cyanotypes that will be for sale through the store are of analogue music and communication gadgets and images of decaying boats and huts in Dungeness.

Dungeness is the only desert in the UK.

One of the objects I saved at the local recycling and re-use centre, during my 2 month residency, was an old Praktica analogue camera.I visited Dungeness for a holiday break during the residency, loaded the camera with film and shot twenty-four photographs. My eldest son, Fraser, developed the film and scanned the negatives. I enlarged the negatives, printed them on A2 acetate and used these acetates to make cyanotype prints, some negative and some positive.

Derek Jarman, the filmmaker, who directed Jubilee (a film about a shattered 1970’s Britain, shot with a punk aesthetic and featuring punk rock artists of the day), famously bought Prospect Cottage on the shingle bank of Dungeness and created a ground breaking desert garden. The Prussian blue of the cyanotype prints, to some extent, references his 12th and last film, Blue.

These five framed prints will be on sale in store/on line in January 2015.

Reel to Reel - sold

Held by artist in reserve                                                      

as seen in harpers bazaar march 2015


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