Sunday, 3 October 2010

Twice round the nature reserve

No photos of us running this week as it was too wet to safely carry cameras - however, we fairly zipped round Scadbury nature reserve - twice.

Thanks to Mark's new gadget, we were even able to analyse his heartbeats, number of steps and exercise effectiveness - when we work out what it all means and can copy the very impressive graphs from his computer we will share them with you.

Finished the latest 2 week project at art school on 3D Spatial - here are my favourite six images

Amazing what you can do with origami paper and a needle.

A big lump of blue asphalt goes into a pub and starts smashing up the tables and chairs - a man at the bar says to the barman - "What's the matter with him ?"

The barman replies " Stay well clear of him, he's a cyclepath ..."

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