Sunday, 6 November 2011

How to be a pap

The hotel we stayed in in New York had an A list celeb staying, attracting a goodly number of paparazzi - I wasn't a Jessica Simpson fan and did not know what she looked like so I decided to photo the paps instead.

The job seems to involve lots of hanging around, comparing lens sizes ...

The black North Face jacket is de rigeur.

As is keeping their hands warm, so that you can be quick on the draw when the celeb emerges from the hotel for the obligatory short dash to the waiting, blacked-out Ford Escalade.

The scene seems to attract other slightly dodgy characters, me included.

Then we all rush to the Escalade that has just pulled up ...

I think I,ve got a great photo of another celeb, but apparently she is an unknown...

Then I finally get the picture - but it turns out to be Jessica's PA..

So I give up and move onto the local models - turns out Uniqlo have had a mannequin clear out - art students from all over Manhattan emerge out of the shadows to take their own model home.

So what did I make of the paps ?

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