Friday, 2 January 2015

Selfridges - Bright Old Things 2015, Atrium ideas

Each of the 14 artists and designers are choosing an object to be hung in the central atrium of the London store - I have proposed one of the three objects below ...

My final degree show installation, Resonate/Generate, was my imagining of the arrival, at the recycling and re-use site, of a discarded mobile library, with my dream contents from the 70s - a record store with only rock, prog and punk vinyl records from the 70s. The installation was a memorial to my experience and the poignant effect of this time. 
The mobile library was 26 ft long and weighed 7.5 tons when full of books.

The space age styled “Planetron” 8 track player was also designed to be played on the move and especially in the car. The sucker on the base allowed it to be fixed to a flat and smooth surface in the home or car and was a continuous loop of your favourite album. 

The red “Penny” portable record player was the precursor to the Sony Walkman and the IPod – for the first time you could walk around with your music. Admittedly it was limited to one 7 inch single but it could be played upside down and on the move. It was also a funky Italian design evoking images of Ferrari sports cars and state of the art Hi-Fi’s in the 70s.

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