Thursday, 15 January 2015

RojRog Log - Entry 4

My friend Roger lives in West Wales - I first met him in 1975 at Exeter University, I was studying accounting and he was studying french. He is, these days, one of my art collaborators and was a co-DJ for my final degree work, Resonate/Generate. Over the next two months he will be commenting on and reviewing from afar my latest show, Bright Old Things at Selfridges.

Kraftwerk - Schaufensterpuppen

Artist : Great idea to include Showroom Dummies by Kraftwerk in the window - I would also like to somehow feature their lyric "I'm the operator of my pocket calculator ..."
What do you and your art group, BAPS, think about the influence of Kraftwerk on contemporary music since the 70s ?

Cheers, Roj

Roger : We’ll be having tea and bickies on Friday as usual, so I’ll let you know. I know Maurice is a big fan of Kraftwerk, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

We’re having a spot of bother getting Alan Bennett on board. Firstly, he says he’s only joining if we have Custard Creams and Marie Biscuits (do they still exist?) on alternating weeks; secondly I think he has a few issues with Grayson. According to Alan, they met by chance last year at a fancy dress party in a mutual friend’s house at Scratchy Bottom, and apparently Grayson said he thought Alan would look cute in a Little Bo Peep outfit. I think Alan may have been a tad taken aback………..

As it happens I’m just off to Fishguard with the photographic team, to see if we can capture the essence of Betta Buys’ magic on film. A couple of the girls from Branding and Merchandising are coming along, as they want to write a piece on the market positioning of the shop next door, Motor Tackle - Fresh Vegetables.

Chairs, Rog

Click here for the original video of Kraftwerk's Schaufensterpuppen

or below for just the music

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