Friday, 16 January 2015

RojRog Log - Entry 5

My friend Roger lives in West Wales - I first met him in 1975 at Exeter University, I was studying accounting and he was studying french. He is, these days, one of my art collaborators and was a co-DJ for my final degree work, Resonate/Generate. Over the next two months he will be commenting on and reviewing from afar my latest show, Bright Old Things at Selfridges.

Art for Art's Sake or I Predict a Riot

Artist : Rog, I'm amazed that you've been able to get Lord S to join BAPS! I hope he is behaving himself. Actually on that note, I've had a few puzzled visitors, struggling with the concept of performance and installation as art. Any  thoughts ?

Cheers, Roj

Roger - Roj, funny you should ask but we’re having real problems with Lord S. He went down to Selfridges to look at your window before today’s BAPS gathering. 
Once he’d stopped most of the effing and blinding, he said that it isn’t art no effin way is that art there’s no effin paintings on the walls apart from the cyanide things and they don’t really count cos theyre chemical and all blue not exactly Picasso is it there’s not even any bloody sculptures in there and a mannequin’s a bloody mannequin innit and yes OK they belong in shop windows but theyre not art and anyway its not art unless you can hang it on the wall of your office and pose about it to all the people who come grovelling in to see you and most important of all its not art if you can’t sell it immediately for at least twice the amount you paid for it to some mug who should know better but has more effin money than sense and what’s more ITS JUST NOT BLOODY ART

Grayson got annoyed and poured his tea over Lord S, then there was a bit of a ruck, Dylan said it was just like the old days in the Fishguard Arms on a Saturday night and Alan B got very upset and decided he wouldn’t have that second slice of Lemon Drizzle after all……….Oh dear

Chairs, Rog

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