Wednesday, 14 January 2015

RojRog Log - Entry 2

My friend Roger lives in West Wales - I first met him in 1975 at Exeter University, I was studying accounting and he was studying french. He is, these days, one of my art collaborators and was a co-DJ for my final degree work, Resonate/Generate. Over the next two months he will be commenting on and reviewing from afar my latest show, Bright Old Things at Selfridges.

Career Opportunities

Artist : Rog, have sent you the official press release and some copies of the newspaper coverage. Had to scour the world for that orange shirt - being brightly dressed seems to have worked?

Roger : Roj, fantastic coverage. As you said, the orange shirt was a great idea……..

I bumped into Maurice Saatchi again yesterday at Betta Buys in Fishguard. We decided to go for a quick beverage at the Old Sailors afterwards and talked about the show over our skinny lattes. He feels, and I agree, that you should be getting more of the publicity as you have really changed direction with your career. 
Chartered Accountant to Fine Artist ! 
What’s more boring than being an accountant? And what’s more exciting and thoroughly brilliant than, having been an accountant, becoming a cutting-edge artist in about five years flat? I found the cartoon below to support my point ...

Chairs, Rog

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